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An Honest Review of The Mindful 5 Collection by Smashbox

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Hi friends! I hope everyone's start to the New Year has been a good one :-) Some of you may know that last month Influenster sent Smashbox's new line called the "Mindful Five." First thing's first-- I'd like to thank both Influenster and Smashbox so much for sending me these complimentary products in exchange for my full & honest reviews! I wanted to use them for at least a month and then share my thoughts, and I'm SO happy I waited because my opinion has completely changed since the beginning, and I'd love to share the entire experience with you. Keep reading to find out my truthful opinions about these guys & if I think you should invest in them!

So, what are the "Mindful Five" products, and which of the three did I get sent? This new collection of products features a face primer serum, lip oil, and glow lip balm which I was not sent, so I will not be including comments about this one. All of these products are enriched with 5 key ingredients that supposedly provide wellness benefits and are said to be great for your skin. The five ingredients are as follows: cannabis sativa hemp seed oil, red algae, prebiotic, green tea, and primer oil complex (?? not sure what this is ??). There are still a lot of other ingredients and chemicals that I'm not exactly fond of, mostly because I can't pronounce a lot of them, but hey, at least these five made it into the list.

Okay so to preface it, my mind has completely changed since the beginning. Initially, I didn’t find myself loving the primer serum because I thought it smelled awful and didn't think it was that extraordinary as a primer. It was hydrating and smoothening, but I felt like I could take it or leave it. I did, however, LOVE the lip oil. It didn't have any smell and felt so moisturizing on the lips; it didn't feel oily at all, and just felt great upon application. While I didn’t notice a plumping effect like it claimed, I used it frequently and really enjoyed it. Now, as I mentioned above, my opinion completely changed once I started both products every day for a month. I found that although the primer smell really bothered me, I was able to overcome it for the sake of how my makeup started to look over it. Guys. With this primer serum underneath my foundation, it looks AIRBRUSHED and stays intact for hours on end. Also, it's the only primer that prevents my foundation from sinking into my smile lines!! It's the primer I've been searching for all along, and I've been using it every single day since. It's super hydrating and dries down nicely (tacky but in a good way). Although it only comes in a 1 fl oz glass bottle, it'll last you for a while because you only need a few drops for your face each time. Now, the lip oil, I've become really disappointed in and do not expect to repurchase. Sure it feels great when you first put it on, but it started to severely dry out my lips about an hour later and has no long-lasting effects for me. I was so sad that I ended up not liking it because so many people have fallen in love with it!

I will definitely be re-purchasing the primer serum when it runs out! Idk what I'd do without it anymore! The primer serum retails for $42.00 at Sephora, and the lip oil is $18.00. As always, I recommend that you try these products out at the store first to see if your skin is a good fit with the ingredients. Please remember that these are all of my feelings and my experiences and that everyone's skin is so unique and different. My combination skin is extremely sensitive and still continues to surprise me each time I try new products. Try them out and let me know your thoughts!

With Love,

Lindsay <3

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