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Ipsy Glam Bag Subscription: Is It Worth It?

Some of you may know about the makeup subscription website,, and some of you probably haven't ever heard of it. And that's okay! It's been pretty big within the Youtube beauty community within the last year or so, but I've been a member since 2016. I was instantly hooked after I signed up; the concept is super cool! But, I'm not gonna lie; throughout my three years of membership, I've had mixed feelings about it. There were times when I loved it & there were times when I truly wasn't happy with it, which ended up in a de-activation of my account for a few month periods. Keep reading to find out how I currently feel about Ipsy, what I suggest if you're looking into it, and what I received from them in my May 2019 Glam Bag!

Ok so here's how it all works: each month, for a monthly fee of $10, you're sent a small makeup bag and five makeup samples sometimes full-sized, sometimes travel-sized. Everyone is sent the same physical makeup bag for that month (they differ each time) but the products are customized to you and are all (supposed to be) based on the profile you set up for yourself. Upon becoming a member on the Ipsy website, you fill out a questionarre to tell them about yourself, like your skin type/color, hair type/color, what kinds of beauty products you typically use/like, etc. The products range from nail care and makeup, to skincare, haircare, and makeup tools. And the cool thing? Sometimes these are prestige brands like MAC, Too Faced, Huda Beauty, Benefit, etc. I've also found some hidden gem products that were from brands I had never heard of! Also, you can skip months if you need to which is super convenient and such a relief when you're running a little low on funds.

Honestly, whether or not you're thrilled with the products that are sent to you, it is hands-down a steal to get five beauty products and a makeup bag for ONLY $10. There are no shipping fees, it's literally just $10.

I would currently give Ipsy a 5/5 stars, but as I said above, it's fluctuated for me. I didn't always rate it 5/5. So why did I deactivate my account for a period of time and skip a few months? And why am I a happy customer again?

Sometimes I feel like my makeup Glam Bag is completely customized to me and I absolutely love it. Like even if I'm not a fan of the product's quality, I appreciate the fact that it's something I would theoretically enjoy if it worked the way I had hoped. When this happens, it was clear that the team actually tried to match me with products that correspond to my profile preferences!

Other times, they've continuously given me the same types of products and things that I have said I am not interested in. For example, there was a three month period last year in which I was constantly being sent mascaras and red lipsticks. I do love mascara, but didn't necessarily want a new one every month when there were other things I would have liked to have tried and had indicated that I liked more. And, in my profile questionarre, I had checked the box that said I only wear nude and soft pink lipsticks--it's the truth; I don't like red lipstick on me, so it would be a waste! There were just periods with Ipsy that I felt I wasn't being heard as a customer, so I deactivated my account.

Now, I get that they can't give every single customer exactly what they ask for and they never claim to do that! That would be crazy and isn't the point of the subscription. They can't completely adhere to everyone's wishes/preferences every single month, and shouldn't do so because you're supposed to be surprised and try out new things. I get it! However, at certain times I've definitely felt that whoever was choosing my products was completely overlooking my personal preferences, and I wanted to save my $10 if that was the case.

BUT. They recently added new, improved features to help personalize your bag even more and it's helped so much!! They've added more detailed questions to the personal quiz regarding how often you'd like to receive certain items, and they even sometimes let you see some of the next month's items so that you can mark if you'd like it in your bag or not (no guarantees of course, but still helpful and you often get one of them!). Plus, Ipsy now sometimes allows you to pick your fifth product which is super cool. & can't forget the new add-on option! Eeeeek! For the first few days of the month while they're still wrapping up your products, you can add-on some of the other products for that month for super cheap. Like travel-size prestige brand products for $3. WHAAAAAT?!

So now, drum roll May 2019 Glam Bag! I was super impressed with this month's bag and can't wait for the next! Down below is everything I received in this month's bag PLUS my ratings and short reviews of each product.


I'm giving the physical bag a 2/5 stars because while it's a super cute design/idea, the glitter gets EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, I can't even use it :(

1. FULL SIZE Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Mocha- Normally $20


I truly loved this formula! It was my first time trying the brand OFRA, and I'm pretty impressed. The formula of this liquid lipstick was non-drying, which is a huge factor for me and it was long-wearing. I'm giving it 4/5 stars because the color is too dark on me and I wouldn't have chosen it for myself, personally. I would definitely repurchase in a lighter color!

2. TRAVEL SIZE It's U Concealer- Normally $3


This is a decent concealer, but it's not full-coverage and was only given out in one color. I'm fair-skinned and don't have yellow undertones, so the Ivory shade didn't match me. Wouldn't repurchase.

3. FULL SIZE Naked Cosmetics Eyeshadow- Normally $15


This is a gorgeous eyeshadow! It's a loose-pigment which can kinda be scary because it can be super messy (especially because it's glittery), but if you wet the eyeshadow brush a bit before dipping it in, it sticks right on. The color is super pretty and pigmented! However, I do wish that it looked as glittery on the eye as it does in the container.

4. FULL SIZE Preventative Measures 101 Lip Balm- Normally $10


I could go on and on about this product, but basically, I'm in love with it. I kid you not when I say that I have tried so many different lip balms (drugstore and prestige) because I have had painfully dry, chapped lips for years. Nothing has ever worked. There were products that helped, but nothing actually solved the problem. This lip balm by Preventative Measures has FINALLY healed and moisturized my lips to the point where I can wear any liquid lipstick over it and they won't peel and bleed. After I slept with it on for one night, my lips were completely revitalized, something I hadn't felt since high school. I now don't go anywhere without this product. PLEASE pick this up if you are suffering from troubled lips, it can change your life!

5. TRAVEL SIZE Pixi H20 Skin Drink- Normally around $12


This is a super nice, light moisturizer for the summer! There is a fragrance, but it's nice and didn't break me out. Pixi is a great brand for sensitive, combination skin! I love so many of their products, and will continue to use this. It looks amazing under makeup! It doesn't help to control my oils though, so not sure if I'll purchase the big size :)

6. (Add-On) TRAVEL SIZE Buxom Cosmetics Full-On Plumping Lip Polish- Normally around $10-$12


My new favorite lip gloss. The color is gorgeous, it truly plumps the lips (but not in an uncomfortable way) and glides so smoothly onto the lips. It's not sticky or anything; the formula is something I've never experienced with a lip gloss. I've been wearing it every single day for a week & will absolutely purchase the full sized version when I run out!

7. (Add-On) TRAVEL SIZE Eyeko Black Liquid Eyeliner- Normally $12


This is an incredible eyeliner! The tip is so thin which makes it very easy to work with--it glides right on & is very long-wearing. Totally recommend this and will repurchase!

May Glam Bag Products Total Value: $84

What I Paid For the Glam Bag: $16.53 (because of the two add-ons)

How Much Money I Saved: $67.47

My advice to you? Try it. If you aren't happy with your first two bags, e-mail Ipsy customer service and tell them you're not happy with what's being picked out for you. It's obvious that recently they've really been trying to make sure a majority of the products people are receiving correlate with their questionarres. So if you are pleased with it, then you'll get to look forward to a new bag each month and save money on some beauty products!

Let me know if you have any further questions about my experience or the products I've received. As always, I'd love to hear from you!

With Love,

Lindsay <3

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