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Spring-Breaking On A Budget

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

The time for relaxation and putting a pause on school has come, and YOU deserve it! These are the best tips to having both a memorable & rejuvenating break without completely wiping out your bank account.

In the last week at school, I was asked more times than I can count, "what are you doing over Spring Break?" With nothing really set-in-stone and only having the plans of going back home for the week, I felt somewhat embarrassed not being able to share "exciting" adventures I would be embarking on in the coming week, like some I had heard from others. After all, Spring Break has developed quite the reputation, and is supposed to promise a ravishing night-life and care-free days spent under the sun with your closest friends in a tropical paradise. We get this idea into our heads that this is the only way to have fun over Spring Break because of the media, but the fact is that this simply is NOT true! After thinking of things to do (and on a budget!) during this week-long break that will be spent surrounded by my family, boyfriend, and friends, I realized that I'm in for a treat, and so are you! Trying to keep in mind that not everyone reading this is in LA like I am, the eight tips below are hopefully applicable to most and will be enjoyed by plenty, myself included :)

1. Got a lot of friends to visit during your trip home? Instead of going out to a meal with each one, suggest coffee and catching up. Some coffee shops are perfect environments for reuniting with friends and offer lower-cost food/drink options than many restaurants. This way, you won't be spending over $10 with every person you see, and you'll be able to enjoy nice conversation without being worried about the bill! So find a cute coffee place that maybe you and the other(s) haven't been to, and enjoy a nice latte and pastry!

2. Bake some goodies! Utilize this down time to bake or cook that tasty recipe you've been eyeing for months now, and maybe include some family members in on it so as to allow time for bonding. I know that personally, I will be making some delicious baked goods for a certain holiday coming up (but it's a secret for all of you because it'll be one of my next posts so shhh) and will ask either my boyfriend or sisters to help me because it's important to spend time helping each other create something wonderful (and yummy!). Try shopping at Trader Jo's if there's one near you because they offer healthy food options at low prices.

3. If the beach is accessible and/or the temperature is moderately warm, lay out on the sand or poolside with a friend and just relax. Listening to the ocean waves crashing up on shore is so calming, and you could even catch up on some reading of a book you haven't been able to make much progress on due to time constraints during the semester. Plus, it's not too early to start working on that summer tan, so go for it! But don't forget lots & lots of sunscreen!

4. Take a day just for yourself. C'mon, we know that you've been itching for just one day to cuddle up in your sweats and baggy tee, and watch Netflix without any other cares in the world. After a long period of midterms and papers, I'm going to go ahead and say do it. Today is YOUR day. Catch up on your favorite show (mine will be Outlander), get those chips, guac, candy, face masks, and whatever else your heart desires to allow yourself this low-key day. Your mental health needs to be your number one priority, especially over break. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later.

5. Find fun attractions in your city/around you and make a friends night or date night out of it. Whether it be bowling, mini-golfing, go-karting, roller-skating at the rink, an Escape Room, or playing games at an arcade, call up your significant other or closest friends and tell them to get ready to have some fun. Friendly competition with your buds/boo will make for many laughs and memories-- these nights are seriously too much fun. Maybe even make it 80's night where you all go to the roller rink and each person has to go all out & dress up-- strut those leg warmers. Oh, and don't forget your fave instant camera if you have one :) Knock 'em dead!

6. Go to the movies or see a play at your local theatre. Although movie prices have become more expensive, some movie theaters offer cheaper tix on specific days/at special times. Do your research, because there are plenty of good movies out right now. If you're not so into that you can look into theaters (conservatories and community theaters) around you. Seeing a live production is always a treat, and often times tickets are not very costly if the show is put on by a community theater. Make sure to get some snacks beforehand at your local pharmacy (like Walgreens or CVS) to save money!

7. Explore the world around you. Sounds like a vague, cliche statement, right? I really mean it though! Explore the world around you- what places have you never visited in the cities surrounding you or even in your own hometown? It's so easy to stay in our comfort zones and return to places we know and love, but adventuring awakens a different part of our souls and can take us by surprise. Just a few days ago my boyfriend's sister and I were talking and I couldn't believe I had yet to visit one of the most gorgeous beaches in Southern California that's only 20 minutes from me. This is INSANE! Sometimes so much is accessible to us but we aren't aware because we don't consciously make ourselves aware. So do some digging and try to find a spot(s) that you haven't yet been to, and make a day out of it with your family, friends, or significant other. These locations may also offer the perfect environment to engage in some passions you haven't found the time for (i.e. photography, writing, painting, etc.). Be safe in all that you set out to do!

8. Pull out those dusty picnic baskets folks, because it's time to have a picnic in the park! Even if you're not a professional picnic-er (wow that sounds like a cool profession, right?) you can have an amazing time simply driving to your local park and eating a meal surrounded by nature. Who doesn't enjoy eating little sandwiches with crispy chips, sipping on a refreshing drink, and chatting with a person you love while surrounded by lush grass and chirping birds? Try to put away all electronics just for the hour (if more, great!) and sensationally interact with the physical beauties around you. Make turkey sandwiches ahead of time, slice up some cheese to eat with crackers, add fruit and chips to the basket, pack the drinks, and don't forget napkins and some silverware if necessary! After lunch, stick around for a while and cloud-watch and/or listen to some soft tunes. This is sure to bring you feelings of serenity.

9. Take a mini road-trip and split the cost of an AirBnB with a group. Seriously, some places on AirBnB may LOOK expensive, but if you get a group of 4-6 people it could be anywhere form $15-$30 per person, per night. That. is. CHEAP! Going on a trip with more people means that there's more splitting of costs (food, gas, etc.), so the more the merrier!

Happy Spring-Breaking!

With Love,


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